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Best Areas to Invest in Chandler

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Are you looking to invest in Chandler, AZ real estate? In the recent year alone, it has shown increasingly great returns for property investors!

Chandler real estate shows strong potential given its proximity to other big cities namely Mesa, Phoenix, and Tempe. Investors will be attracted to the property appreciation levels Chandler has exhibited these past years.

With a stable economy hinged on the high technology manufacturing industry, Chandler supplies solid job employment. The business climate is also well-supported, increasing the confidence of local entrepreneurs. This open environment attracts plenty of residents. 

Property investors can target families and professionals and invest in long-term rentals. A lot of those who work in Phoenix also choose to rent in the nearby Chandler community. 

In this article, we here at Property Plus USA will review the best areas in Chandler to aid your decision in selecting your next property investment. You’ll get to know about the neighborhoods that real estate investors are drawn to in this part of Arizona. 

Best Chandler Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate

Sun Groves

Sun Groves is ideal if you’re looking to rent to families. Nearby local schools like Navarrete Elementary Schools are accessible and high-quality educational institutions. Sun Groves is situated in the southeast area of Chandler.

Renters will appreciate the location of Sun Groves where they have easy access to the freeway. This creates more opportunities for them to explore other cities. During the weekends, it’s simple to plan nearby trips to urban centers.

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Another thing that renters will find appealing in Sun Groves is its convenient list of amenities. They can head to several entertainment districts, dine in numerous restaurants and hone their skills at premier golf courses. Aside from that, the Chandler neighborhood of Sun Groves also provides the best shopping experience for its residents.

Cooper Commons

Labeled in a charming and established neighborhood, Cooper Commons is attractive to families. It offers a variety of single-family homes built in the late 90s to the early 2000s. Renters will also enjoy a fair number of recreational activities available in this Chandler area.

Whether they like to shop, dine out or engage in hiking and mountain climbing, Cooper Commons will not disappoint with its share of natural landscapes. The downtown Chandler area is also close by where hip restaurants and popular shops can be found. 

The Traditions

Easier on the pocket given its property prices, The Traditions appeals to plenty of potential tenants from families to professionals. What makes it advantageous for renters to stay here is the available discount department stores. It’s also an area where classic local family shops co-exist.

Renters also gain convenient access to quaint diners, restaurants, and cafes here. On top of that, grocery shopping is made effortless as well as retail shopping. For outdoor enthusiasts, they can schedule peaceful retreats and hikes by heading to Pima Park. 

Chandler Arizona real estate investments

The Traditions is a beautiful neighborhood that offers safety to renters with its well-lit avenues and top amenities. Families also make for good potential tenants given that well-rated schools are nearby. This area presents high-quality living for prospective renters.

Sun Lakes

Rated as one of the top neighborhoods in Chandler, Sun Lakes is composed of adult communities and homeowner associations. Renters will enjoy the convenience of its location given that the Chandler Fashion Center Mall is easily accessible.

Another factor that drives potential renters to stay in Sun Lakes is the large presence of major technology manufacturing firms such as Intel. Professionals working in this sector can be a good tenant base to consider for your rental property.

Renters can enjoy the golf courses, pool amenities, and health clubs in the vicinity. They can also go boating and fishing in the lakes. This neighborhood has tons of recreational activities for its residents.

A good number of cafes are also spotted in this area including popular restaurants and luxury shopping districts. Sun Lakes is well-suited to families with college-age students given thanks to the community college in the area. 


The neighborhood in Galveston entices renters thanks to its clean community with orderly sidewalks, tidy yards, and secure streets. Renters looking for a restive area to settle in will appreciate Galveston.

One can take their pets out for exercise and dine in several interesting restaurants in the community. Much of the description of this Chandler neighborhood is centered on its ability to exude tranquility. 

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Peace of mind is easily captured since residential properties tend to be scattered about, reducing a crowded feeling. Other factors that renters like are the accessible dining and entertainment spots in this neighborhood.

Twelve Oaks

Another neighborhood that’s a magnet for families is Twelve Oaks in Chandler. It boasts of access to the large public park known as Desert Breeze Park. Another relaxing park in the area is Nozomi Park where one can enjoy playing in baseball fields, swimming pools, playground, dog park, and a volleyball court.

Apart from that, families with kids would find it convenient to rent in an area where a top Kyrene School District is also located. Among the best reasons for picking Twelve Oaks is the affordable rental rates for mid-range properties in this neighborhood. Thus, a property owner will have an easy time drawing in tenants from different demographics.

In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Markets in Chandler 

Chandler is a city that catches the interest of real estate investors given its wonderful qualities such as a great sense of safety, excellent schools, convenient amenities, high quality of living, and enjoyable recreational activities.

If you are looking to purchase Chandler real estate, you may want to consider Sun Groves, Cooper Commons, The Traditions, Galveston, Sun Lakes, and Twelve Oaks.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Property Plus USA today if you have questions about investment opportunities in Chandler, AZ!