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Up to $12,500 Rental Income, Eviction, and Damage Guarantee

• $5000 Rental Income Guarantee
• $5000 Eviction Protection Plan
• Save $2500 per year on average total costs compared to other Property Management firms



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Property Management

Tired of sticking an ad in the classifieds and hoping the best? Let our marketing team work on your behalf. We use cutting edge marketing techniques to publicize your Chandler rental property vacancy.

Tenant Screening

A qualified tenant make all the difference!  Every application we receive is subjected to in-depth tenant screening, with background, financial and employment verification that help us place the very best tenants.

Rent Collection

Make chasing after late payments a thing of the past. Our property managers handle all monthly billing and invoicing for your property, collect incoming funds, and disburse earnings directly to your account.

24/7 Maintenance

When things go wrong in your rental properties, you want the right people on your side. Our property managers handle all of your maintenance needs, coordinating with tenants & vendors to get your home back in great shape.

Property Inspection

Regular inspection services provide a glimpse at what is happening inside your rental home. Your professional property manager will visit to check for red flags and keep renters satisfied with our service.

Financial Reporting

Keep a close watch on the ups and downs of your rental property and investment, thanks to our monthly financial reports. Sign into your account at any time to view your latest statements & reports.


Your rental property manager will do all they can to make an eviction the last resort. But if becomes necessary, we’ll handle the eviction for our Chandler property owners. 

Legal Guidance

Are you paying attention to local ordinances, housing guidelines, and insurance requirements? Let us keep you compliant and keep yourself protected against potential legal issues.

MOST GUARANTEES = More money for you

Utilizing the most comprehensive suite of protections for our investors, we help protect your investment and safeguard your investment.  Welcome to Property Plus USA, where we understand that your property is an important investment. That’s why we’re proud to offer our clients the best guarantees in the industry..

Rental Guarantees

With our rent guarantees, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property will always be generating income.


Eviction Guarantees

Our eviction guarantees ensure that any legal issues that may arise with tenants will be handled quickly and efficiently at no added cost to you.


Damage Guarantees

With our damage guarantees, you can rest assured that any damages caused by tenants will be covered at no cost to you.  This can save you thousands!


Owners & Renters – We have what you need.

We maximize the return on investment for our clients by renting properties quickly and efficiently.   We provide quality homes to tenants who want a place of refuge and safety to grow a family!  At Property Plus we are more than just a property management company, we take pride in being Metro Phoenix’s quality housing provider!


Already a d Property Plus client?  Login here and get answers to all your questions.  Download the latest statements, check status on maintenance or just ask a question in our portal and get quick answers.  We are here to serve!

Property Management

Property Plus provides a wide range on property management services and we cover the entire Metro Phoenix Market.  With three easy to understand pricing models, we offer our owners choices that fit all their property management needs.


Whether looking for a home or needing to communicate, we have the solution.  Login to our Advanced Property Search and search for your next home like the pros or login and open maintenance requests and ask questions, we are here to help!

Property Plus – The Property Management System!

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Property Plus is not just a company name.  It is a mindset!  It’s property management in Chandler with a focus on our client’s needs. Keeping Chandler rental homes occupied with a quality tenant that take care for the unit and promptly pays rent. Its increasing rents, maximizing cash flow, and increasing the value of your overall investments. Return on investment is the key to everyone’s success.


Why Choose Property Plus as your Property Manager?  Here’s a Few Simple Reasons…

Communication is a Priority

Our goal with every client is to create a mutually beneficial partnership, built on a foundation of honest and open communication.

A Huge List of Qualified Renters

Cutting edge marketing and a focus on filling homes fast means we always have a database of waiting and qualified renters ready to fill any vacancy.

Technology Plays a Big Role

From accepting digital rent payments to publicizing our vacancies online, incorporating technology into our management approach isn’t only convenient for our customers, but it helps us stay efficient and get tasks done faster.

Arizona’s Tenant/Landlord Law

Helping you to maximize your profits is just one of our priorities; we’re also committed to keeping your rental properties operating legally. We pay attention to the legislation that impacts your business & we make sure you play by the rules.

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If you own rentals in Metro Phoenix, you understand the challenges of being a landlord firsthand. From finding qualified renters to handling ongoing maintenance and accounting needs.  Managing rental property takes a tremendous amount of time and energy.

Property Disposition & Management

Working with a professional partner allows you to keep your home’s needs in check, without sacrificing all of your downtime to resolve problems and keep renters satisfied.

Team of Experienced Professionals

Our team of rental experts has helped countless homeowners to get the most out of their real estate investments. We continually monitor the local rental market and provide ongoing support.

Metro Phoenix | Every City & Town

From Tempe to Gilbert, Scottsdale to Laveen and Mesa to Peoria, we provide property management across the entire Metro Phoenix market.

From 1-Home to an Entire Portfolio

Whether you own one property or a large portfolio, let our management team step in to help you maximize your earning potential & meet your financial goals.

About us

Enjoy the best
Expert advice and Exceptional Serive

With Property Plus for Real Estate Investors and Landlords you get the best and mores knowledgeable real estate professionals helping you profit from your real estate investements.  From homes, to condos and from fractured condtominium investments to entire apartment communities, Property Plus has the connections and know how to help your real estate investment business grow and thrive!.

Client Testimonials

Here’s What Others Are Saying…

What a godsend this property management company was for me! I was renting my home in a suburb of Phoenix and my tenant was beginning to drive me crazy with her relentless demands and continual tendency to pay her rent late each and every month. The second I hired this company, I never had to think about it again—I literally slept better at night not having to deal with that hassle all the time!”

Nevin A.

Satisfied Client

After having several unpleasant, unprofessional experiences with property management companies, I was ready to dump them altogether & go back to managing my rental homes myself. I am so glad I tried this compan. I met with Kirsten and she advised me about their Property Plus program—this is the coolest program I have ever experienced in my 10+ years of owning investment properties!”

Angie T.

Satisfied Client

This is a great company, they work really well with their tenants and they keep up on maintenance in a timely manner which i’ve had issues with in the past with other companies. I had Emilee, and she worked with me on everything I needed and it was such a pleasure to have her, she works really hard and is great with communication and following up on what was and/or needed to be done.  Looking for a place, I highly recommend them!

Madison S.

Satisfied Tenant

Property Plus – By the Numbers

Our team has a wide range of experience and expertise in all facets of real estate.  Here’s a little about us in the form of numbers you can count on.

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Property management and home rentals in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa.  Serving the entire Valley of the Sun, Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.

Using a lease agreement in Arizona can provide a number of benefits for landlords and property owners

Using a lease agreement in Arizona can provide a number of benefits for landlords and property owners. A lease agreement is a legally-binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of the rental arrangement between the landlord and the tenant. Some key benefits of using a lease agreement in Arizona include protecting the landlord’s rights, establishing clear expectations, protecting the rental property, complying with laws and regulations, and providing legal protection.

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Using a property management company in Arizona can provide a number of benefits for landlords and property owners

Using a property management company in Arizona can provide a number of benefits for landlords and property owners. A property management company can handle the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities associated with managing a rental property, freeing up time and energy for the landlord or property owner. Some key benefits of using a property management company in Arizona include expertise, time-saving, professionalism, risk management, and increased income.

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Tenant screening is an important part of property management in Arizona

Tenant screening is an important part of property management in Arizona. By thoroughly evaluating potential tenants, property managers can ensure that they are placing qualified and reliable tenants in their rental properties. Some effective tenant screening techniques include running a background check, verifying employment and income, reviewing rental history, checking references, and using a tenant screening service.

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