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Property Management in Phoenix, AZ

tips for property investments

Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Chandler

Are you thinking of buying an investment property in Chandler, AZ? With rental property investments, there’s no limit on your future earnings!   You gain extra income from renting out your real estate. You can even end up with a great profit from property appreciation should you decide to sell after several years. This can…
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arizona lease regulations

Breaking a Lease in Arizona – Know the Laws

Most tenants that sign a lease intend to stay for the entire period it’ll be active. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Your Arizona tenant may end up breaking their lease agreement for a number of reasons.  So, as a landlord, what are you to do when that happens? Normally, the first course of…
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A Guide to the Eviction Process in Arizona

As an Arizona landlord, you’re able to evict a tenant for a number of reasons. The most common reasons include excessive property damage, nonpayment of rent, and gross violation of the lease agreement.  An effective tenant eviction requires a landlord to strictly adhere to the Arizona eviction process. Regardless of the violation committed, you must…
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Arizona Security Deposit Laws Property Plus USA

Arizona Security Deposit Laws

Aside from rent, Arizona landlords also require tenants to pay a security deposit as part of the move-in costs. The following guide by the team of property managers at Property Plus USA aims to provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding security deposits in Arizona. What is a security deposit? A security deposit is a…
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Arizona Landlord Tenant Laws Property Plus USA

Overview of Landlord-Tenant Laws in Arizona

Most landlords in Arizona require their tenants to sign a lease or a rental agreement before they can move in. According to the Arizona Landlord-Tenant Act, a lease may be either written or verbal. Landlords and tenants have certain obligations and responsibilities as per the statewide tenancy laws. As a landlord, you must familiarize yourself…
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Property Manager or Real Estate Investor!

You did it, you are a real estate investor, but are you also a property manager? By purchasing investment real estate investor in one of the best real estate markets in the USA, Phoenix, Arizona you are a savvy real estate investor. Being a Landlord is both rewarding and challenging, but does being a property…
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